A Creative Team Like No Other

HungryGenius® is a 5 CLIO Award Winning Creative Team. We're aDdiCted to Music, Innovation, Collaboration, Art and name a few.


As Enterprise Conceptioneers, we create New Business and New Businesses. We Create Opportunity. We Develop IDEAS that are backed with substance, core components and structure that enable large corporations and small business mom & pop alike to roll up their sleeves and roll out and scale a New Product. Simply. Effectively. Accurately. 

We create, develop, design and engineer from the ground up. We build Brand Strategies that engage audiences with flavor and compelling content that create satisfying emotional experiences that drive participation and build long lasting loyalty. Whether creating, designing and launching a QSR restaurant of our own, developing software for a mobile application, design layout  for a  a new book release, or developing a marketing strategy for a bands new album release, HungryGenius® is well seasoned in the world of consumer. We listen. We learn. 

We shape ideas that passionately deliver and move people and companies forward. We create exciting memorable experiences that graphically deliver, powerfully relevant and illustratively appealing content, that allow’s people to think and act in new ways, so they connect with, aspire to, enjoy and share. And, HungryGenius® does it with a level of commitment and expertise that’s rare these days. 

Further, HungryGenius® delve deeply into discovery, which is a mutual opportunity to get to know each other. A space where we launch a level of uncommon research as we develop our game plan, and prepare the project budget, while we begin to outline a comprehensive strategy and action plan, that will deliver positive, profitable results. When it comes to strategy, HungryGenius® plans, prepares, achieves and delivers, data driven growth. Repeatedly. Sustainably. Respectfully. 

The FIVE “I’S” are how we do, what we do, at HungryGenius® and they consist of;

How we live at HungryGenius® is through INTEGRITY, HONOR, LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT. 

.......Simplicity. Truly is the Ultimate Sophistication. 

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